Nursing faces enormous challenges

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Aminata Touré (Alliance90/Greens), Minister for Social Affairs, Youth, Family, Elderly, Integration and Equality in Schleswig-Holstein, speaks at a meeting of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament. /image alliance, Christian Charisius

Kiel – Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister for Social Affairs, Aminata Touré, presented the first points of a state assistance strategy.

“Nursing in Germany faces enormous challenges,” the Green politician said in Kiel’s state parliament today. “We need profound nursing reform in the federal government.” With its state nursing strategy, it aims to achieve faster access to qualified workers, more digitalization and an improvement in the situation of family caregivers.

For example, a pilot project to accelerate the integration of refugees into the labor market in the care sector has already started in the initial reception centers in Boostedt and Rendsburg. Refugees’ professional skills would be recorded and assessed immediately upon arrival at the facility. If this results in a professional outlook for nursing, the potential workforce will be distributed accordingly among districts and independent cities, says Touré.

In order to better support family caregivers, counseling services in care centers should also be consolidated and strengthened. This could be a help for young people caring for their family members. According to the minister, the objective of the strategy is to develop a central early warning system supported by AI. The aim is to identify bottlenecks and imminent gaps in supply at an early stage.

In addition to the three points, according to the minister, the strategy should also take into account the economic situation of care establishments, working conditions in care and reducing bureaucracy. © dpa/

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