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Flush the urinary tract! Flushing therapy means drinking a sufficient amount at regular intervals so that the causative germs and bacteria can be eliminated with urine. The measure for how much you drink is around 1/2 liter of liquid every two hours so that enough urine is excreted several times a day.

The main thing: drinking? Unfortunately, there is still a common belief that it doesn’t matter what you drink as long as you pee as often as possible. But this is where the error lies. Even if coffee, lemonade, beer or wine have a diuretic effect, these drinks are unlikely to eliminate pathogens. Because on the one hand there are quantities of approx. 2 liters per day, for example. B. alcoholic beverages or coffee can hardly be treated without side effects and, on the other hand, it is the ingredients in the drinks that have harmful effects in other ways. When it comes to mineral water, it is important to pay attention to the mineral content, as, for example, a high calcium content (above 200 mg/l) can promote urinary stones. Sugary and high-calorie drinks are also not recommended. Urological medicinal teas from the pharmacy, such as bladder and kidney tea, are best suited for flushing therapy of bladder infections.

This medicinal tea was developed to leave the body’s water balance as neutral as possible. This means that the amount of tea you drink is excreted in your urine. This ensures optimal washing of the urinary tract. In addition, bladder and kidney tea not only has a diuretic effect, but also has an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect, which is particularly beneficial for painful bladder infections. The healing active ingredients (tea medicines) of birch leaves, cat’s beard, goldenrod and fennel oil have been known for a long time and their effectiveness has been proven.

The manufacturing process of medicinal teas is as important as the careful selection of plant extracts. A soluble powdered tea, often unsweetened, is obtained from various medicinal plants, which always contains the same proportion of highly concentrated plant extracts and essential oils. Only during infusion are the ingredients released in full quality. Furthermore, the tea powder dissolves quickly and easily. There is no need to “infuse” and strain, which is convenient for wherever you are. Just add hot water to the bladder and kidney tea, stir and that’s it!

Other tips for preventing bladder infections:

  • Keep the bladder warm. Avoid cold feet. Change wet swimwear immediately.
  • Wear fresh, loose-fitting cotton underwear every day. Tight clothing and synthetic underwear create an environment in which germs easily multiply.
  • Wash your intimate area with antiseptic soap (pH value 7). Use disposable cloths.
  • Go to the bathroom immediately after intercourse so that germs are flushed from the urethra.

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